Monday, January 20, 2014

Designs Of The Day Men's F/W '14 - '15 Special Saucy Edition.

Some thoughts about the latest shows. Hedi Slimane has yet to show me a single design I haven't seen before. The only people in fashion he's fooling are the young fans who haven't been exposed to enough yet, he's headed for the dustbin of fashion history. Umit Benan has an uncanny ability to create balanced yet very subtly complex clothing. He's a hair's breadth away from being a superstar. Alexander Wang is far more talented then I ever knew. Being witness to his refinement as a designer has been a joy. Finally why, oh why, does Thom Browne ruin his fashion shows with the distracting and contrived styling? Thom your work is so, so good please just show us the clothes.

Comme Des Garcons Shirt 

Thom Browne

Balenciaga (Alexander Wang)

Umit Benan

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