Friday, January 3, 2014

Designer of The Day - Valentino Orlandi

There always exists in every type of fashion design, companies which produce extraordinary products and can not, will not, or do not spend the massive amount of money on marketing that is required to be globally known. The responsibility for promoting worthy designers used to be championed by the fashion editors of the world. The current crop of editors, for the most part, no longer perform this role for reasons unknown to me. This leaves far too many amazing designers and their designs unseen. Handbag designer Valentino Orlandi started his company in 1974. His extraordinary bags cost less than Marc Jacobs are better made and much more distinctive. If I put a Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors bag without logos next to a Valentino Orlandi the Valentino Orlandi would be far more coveted. If you buy by name to show status you reveal a lack of taste.

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