Thursday, June 21, 2012

Which fashion industry do I belong in?

Yesterday, I went to two fashion "events" one was for my friend Karolina Zmarlak who is an unbelievably talented designer,

The other was for Zana Bayne who is an interesting leather accessories and goods designer as well as being a great blogger,

Now I want to be VERY CLEAR I respect both designers a great deal and this post is not about them, it's about the events. The Karolina Zmarlak event was held at the incredible new Meatpacking district boutique Owen, ( ). Owen's owner Phillip Salem has made a major commitment to  New York City's emerging fashion designers and carries many other great labels such as Kaelen, Timo Weiland, and Nicholas K. The Karolina Zmarlak event was about promoting Karolina and selling clothes which helps both the designer and the retailer. The Zana Bayne event was at an art gallery in Chelsea and had, very good photography, some interesting art, and a video all of which featured Zana's work. There were also a few of Zana's pieces. But I must admit I'm not sure what it's purpose was.

The Karolina Zmarlak event was full of people who were shopping, the Zana Bayne event was full of people who were...I'm not entirely sure what they were doing. There was drinking, paparazzi style photo posing, and a few limos showed up full of people I didn't recognize. Truth be told I'm generally bad at recognizing "famous fashion people". The very first Fashions Night Out I talked to Siri Tolerad & Constance Jablonski for ten minutes and didn't know who they were. But later when Giuseppe Zanotti showed up I was star struck. That story gets to the heart of this post. I don't understand the fashion industry that is about parties, red carpets, and being seen. It bores me and I find it very hollow and annoying. More seriously I question it's ability to help designers and to drive sales. But I adore the fashion industry that is about cutting tables, pattern paper, and buyer appointments. It feels so much more visceral and important. 

There are seemingly hordes of people both young and old who's idea of being in fashion is to go to parties and get in the press. Can we get rid of them somehow? Maybe have a huge party on a floating island and once their all on having a great time just push it out to sea? They'll all be having a great time. Doesn't that make it a victimless crime?

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