Thursday, February 28, 2013

"He Sinned Against His Talent"

The quote that is the title of this post comes from Jack Rollins who was a good friend of the late Lenny Bruce. Bruce who was a groundbreaking, risk taking comedian died of a morphine overdose at the age of 40. The line was Rollins' response to Tony Bennett when Bennett was attempting to commiserate with Rollins about Bruce's tragic death. The lesson is that the tragedy in such a situation is the waste of the gift that has been given to a young person. A young person who if they had been able, should have had the world on a string. In my short time in the fashion industry I have seen many sins against talent. Designers who were given a gift that people would kill to have and who because of ego, insecurity, and a lack of gratitude are pissing away the one thing that could give them not only a great life but the opportunity to help others through jobs, charity, and adding beauty to the world. I've seen it wasted on designing to make money where a designer's creativity & bravery are eroded away by chasing cash. They sin by becoming ordinary. They sin by not making their creations wearable by every day people. They sin by half assing their careers spending more time at the bar than they do at the cutting table. There are two gifts that a fashion designer receives.  The first is the gift of extraordinary imagination, an uncommon creative vision. The second is the gift of execution, the ability to bring to life what they see in their head. Either gift alone is extraordinary, together they are priceless. If you have them and you put every single drop of blood, sweat, and tears into making them the basis of your life, you will be rewarded I promise. It will not be easy, in fact it will be painful and gut wrenching but if you persevere you will end up fulfilled and with a beautiful life. If you don't, if you aren't, you are sinning, you are being selfish, you are wasting your time, and ours. Get out of the way for the next person who is grateful that they have what you have and will try to live up to such an extraordinary blessing.

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