Monday, March 24, 2014

Thoughts on the Le Wren Scott tragedy

Stories like Le Wren Scott's are a symptom. The root of the problem is a culture that truly under educates it's youth on the dangers of living your one and only life for the approval of others. You never "have to" do anything other than breathe, sleep, and eat. I understand that it is often terrifying to be yourself and admit that you've made mistakes or that you are unsure and afraid. We MUST teach each other that those moments are critical to long term contentment and joy. In that singular moment you must reach out for help and cease to care what others think about you. The self made success is a poisonous myth that ignores the very nature of humanity. WE NEED EACH OTHER. Not for approval but for support, counsel, and love.

We must also teach that life is full of ups and downs and how you react to both are equally important. This is what Rudyard Kipling was trying to teach in his masterful poem, IF. And if we fail to reform our own attitudes and teach the generation that follows of the tragic folly of living your life according to toxic myths of appearance and self sufficiency this story will repeat until we do. It falls to us and to you, when you see people committing this error to lovingly correct them.

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