Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mind the gap.

Fashion, and I suspect the world as a whole, has created or at least allowed to exist a deeply damaging situation. Talented people can't afford the help & support they need to grow and become powerful and influential offering solutions and enhancements to humanity. But mediocre thinkers and those content with the status quo who hunger for little have access to all of the help and capital they need. Is it any wonder we are stagnated, repeating the same mistakes over and over? Is it any wonder we look back more than we look forward?

We are denying ourselves full access to the resources and energy we need. We can change this simply by looking around our industry and identifying those who have the raw talent and drive to create change and being sure to mentor and support them. Invest in them if you must derive profit. Whatever you call it, it will make all our lives more enjoyable and brighter. YOU ARE YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER.

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