Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yes you are a bad person.

When did we become an industry of sniveling cowardly villains? We look the other way and say nothing as the fashion industry heaps praise and prizes on brands and individuals who steal from other designers, use child labor, support the factory farming slaughter of animals for fur & skin, abuse their workers with constant violations of labor laws, and consciously deny people the right to make a good living because they're not part of the right crowd. In silence is acceptance. Please let's begin to say, "This is bad, and yes by knowingly doing it you are a bad person." We decry these abuses in made for the public statements & gestures but do nothing substantial. This awareness of evils but inaction against them makes us bad people too. Nothing will change till those in positions of leadership in the fashion industry say something, publicly. Waiting for them to come down with a severe case of ethics & moral courage is foolish. We who see the need for change, and the benefits of it need to turn up the heat. Call people out, by name and incident and offer positive alternatives that will work better for the offenders and their brands. They must be made to understand that you can't shake the  Devil's hand and say you're only joking...

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