Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing has ever happened to me that has not taught me a lesson or reinforced one that I needed to learn a bit more. I grew up in a very nice middle class home in the woods outside of Princeton, New Jersey. I had been madly, passionately in love with New York City since I was nine and finally was able to move here in 2004. Not long after that I fell into the fashion industry in what seemed to me at the time to be a typical random grasping for a job but I now understand to have been providence. Instantly I fell in love with the incredible artistic creations I was fortunate enough to see and feel each season. It was the same experience I had felt before when as a child the worlds of music and art were opened to me by my father. To stand before a magnificent gown, or a sublime blouse was at once mesmerizing and enthralling. One of my outstanding characteristics is a burning need to know how things work. The creation of garments was no exception and I quickly became a self professed fashion geek. I get excited by clever darting and a great chiffon...nuff said. Now at 45 I've opened my own fashion designer management agency because one of my other traits is that seeing injustice or watching artists getting overlooked makes my blood boil. I established Ignite Designer Management with the hope that it will be a place that any emerging designer in New York City can come to for help with any area they need help with and most importantly serve as a permanent bridge between rising talents and the boutiques, sites, and stores of the world.

Seth Friedermann

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